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Hi – Nice to meet you

I’ve always had a hard time describing myself but people who know me well describe me as kind, caring, and compassionate while being energetic, independent, and unique.

I like to think I’m honest and down to earth, maybe a bit TOO honest sometimes. But I’ve always felt like there was more to me, I just wasn’t sure what or how to find it.

Growing up I got into all kinds of mischief, and not much has changed. I didn’t realize that I was searching for something.

I went away to college and it didn’t take long for me to find the local small town strip club. I danced my way through college, and then some. I loved spinning on the pole, crawling across the stage, and grinding away as I listened to my favorite songs.

Something besides the bright lights and the thud of the music had drawn me to dancing. I loved being able to express myself in that way but I also loved the people that came in to watch.

This time around I spent more time getting to know the clientele on a more personal level. I wanted to know who they were, why they were there, and what THEY were searching for.

After I graduated college I felt it was time to “grow up” and get a “real job” because that’s what “society” says I should do. I moved to a new state, got a job, got married, got divorced, and did the typical mundane things one does while working 9-5. But that’s what it was, mundane.

I eventually quit that job, took my savings, and started driving. I drove for 6 weeks and passed through 23 states.

It was amazing to see the countryside, to explore parts of the country that I’d only seen in textbooks. But it was just me searching again, searching for something more, craving something in my life that I couldn’t put my finger on.

I landed back in that college town and, after toiling away at another 9-5 for over half a decade, I once again quit my job. This time I decided to explore outside of the US. I spent 6 glorious weeks in SE Asia, lounging on the beach, exploring ancient ruins, playing with elephants, eating street food, and meeting people from all over the globe.

When I got back to the US I thought I’d test out Colorado. I spent the pandemic there but, as it turns out, I missed “home”. I’m back home in Indiana again. I guess I’m a Hoosier at Heart.

Through all those experiences, through all those adventures, I had slowly been figuring out what I was searching for. Dancing not only allowed me to get in touch with my sensual side but it also gave me the opportunity to connect with people.

Traveling gave me the opportunity for adventure, but what I really liked was meeting such diverse individuals. I finally decided to stop caring what other people think, stopped worrying about what I “should” do, and start following my instincts.

Although I do like to live on the wild side, what I find most exhilarating is connection.

Why don’t you join me? Let’s explore together. Let’s discover what your heart has been craving. Let’s rekindle that spark. Experience a bit of joy while you explore my every curve. Don’t worry if you’re a bit shy, I don’t mind taking the lead.

Naomi Wilder Signature


  • 45 years old
  • Blue eyes
  • Blonde hair
  • 5’3”
  • 145 lbs
  • 36 DDD (natural)


Naomi enjoys what she does and it shows. Treat her right and respectful…she’s a keeper.
Naomi is beautiful both in body and spirit. She is welcoming with a great smile. I felt comfortable the minute I arrived.